Top 14 Cosmetic Brands

top 14 cosmetic brands

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Everyone knows about cosmetics and beauty products as well as without cosmetics, you cannot think about makeup. Women are more beauty focused as compare to man. Therefore, today in this article we are telling about the best cosmetic brands. Beauty products are very helpful for looking beautiful and feel confident whenever you step out.

Skin is a very delicate organ; therefore only good quality of products should be used. The cosmetic brand is very useful to enhance the beauty and only women know the importance of cosmetic brands. These brands manufactured the products which suits your skin type as well. The beauty products are produced from the natural ingredients and furthermore, having abundant quality and also gives effective results as well as safe. There are many professional qualities for the complexion of lips, cheeks as well as eyes which deliver healthy skin with gorgeous look.

Lots of brands are launched in every month; therefore it is not easy to find the best makeup brands. All the makeup brands gives very attractive advertisements because of that it becomes very hard to choose best one. So, today we try to solve your problem in selecting the best cosmetic brand to complete your makeup regime. To look very beautiful is the great instinct of every individual especially women. Many companies are producing cosmetic brands create a different and very huge variety of product such as compact, eye liners and many more.

To hide all the imperfections of the skin, many women depend on on cosmetics. Therefore it is very important for them to select the accurate kind of product as well as the right brand which will suits their sensitive skin. Now, we will tell you about the top cosmetic brands available in the market.


Top 14 Cosmetic Brands:

Here we are given you a list of the best cosmetics brands which ensure you to select the right one.

1. L’Oreal Group:

L’Oreal Group is one of the best as well as it tops the list cosmetic brands. Because this brand not only produces skin products but also it 500 wide range of different products. This brand manufactured first time hair color related products but now they expanded their products such as skin care, perfumes, hair care, and many more beauty products.   It is used worldwide and advertised by the most famous faces in all over the world. In India it is permitted by Sonam Kapoor and Aishwarya Rai Bachhan and in overseas by Demi moore.


2. Revlon:

I think every woman is familiar with Revlon products. It is very oldest and first international brands to its set bottom in India which is well known for the production of lips-stick, eye products as well as other make-up products. The liners and lip colors are most preferred by woman of all ages in India as well as out of the country. It is the essential cosmetic brand always and it very popular brand among the young women.


3. Amway:

This brand is also most favorite brand in women as well as in men. This brand is slowly fascinating the Indian market. It contains a wide range skin makeup as well as health care products. The Attitude is recently launched by Amway in exclusive skin care range and it is advertised in television also. It mostly color cosmetic products.


4. Clinique:

Clinique is very well known and famous for manufacturing allergy-free products. This is frequently used by most of the peoples because it is also recommended by the dermatologist. Hence it is one of the most extensively used cosmetic brands of the world. This Clinique brand is very unique because they never manufacture the same product all over the world. They produced the different products in various countries that are depends upon the conditions, climate as well as skin type of people residing there. This is the chief reason that why Clinique is so popular worldwide.


 5.  Oriflame:      

It is also one of the top cosmetic brands and originated in 1967 and recently it becomes the 6th best cosmetic brand in the world. This brand mostly manufactures the skin care products. This is from the international market and about 60 countries use this brand. This brand not only related with the cosmetics but also associated with the different charity programs.


6. MAC:

MAC is also recognized as ‘Makeup Art Cosmetics’. This bran produces an extensively large variety of cosmetics products. This is very famous brand among the celebrities but most of the people of every class prefer this. It deals a wide range of face products with durable exposure. Its brushes are also a most preferred by superstar makeup artists because of its excellence and stay on power is the extreme in most cases. This cosmetic brand is regarded as the 9th best cosmetic brand in all over the world.


7. Avon:

This is the second largest selling cosmetic brand as well as it is the 5th best cosmetic in the world. The people from 140 countries are preferred this brand    the main feature of this beauty product company is that it achieved its popularity mostly by door to door selling policy. This is a direct selling brand in India. It is most helpful for the employment basis for women. This business is done in sitting home by agent. They also manufacture anti-marks cream; fairness cream, nail color range as well as extra products of the Skin Natural’s Range which is popular among the teens.


8. Maybelline:

Maybelline from New York, this brand is also a developing cosmetic brand. They manufacture the Products especially for women to look themselves even more beautiful. This product achieves 8th rank in the list of best make up brand. This b rand manufactures the products which are best for last-minute touch ups or face on-the-go. It is very popular brand as it makes the diamond shine or extreme water shine lipsticks and wide range eye tattoos which are recently launched. Their volume expresses mascara as well as colossal kajal is very famous in the market recently.


9. Urban Decay

Urban Decay also a cosmetic brand which is recognized in 1996 in America. It is exciting to note that because of its very useful products, Urban Decay has taken a large share of marketplace in very small period of time. There are many products which are very famous and that are Shadow Pencils, Glide on Eye, as well naked collection which includes palettes.


10. Chambor:

This is also one of the best brands but is new in the world of cosmetics. Chambor products are marketed in India only from some time. In a very less time this brand achieves the popularity as an international brand. This brand produces face products and nail paints and many other beauty products. The face product of this brand is mostly used by the makeup lovers. Its nail paints are also beautiful however to some extent on the luxurious side.

11. Cover Girl:

Cover Girl is also a cosmetics brand which is extremely popular all over the world and manufactured in America. It is mostly noticeable that this brand expense in a large amount in the advertisement. The famous models such as Christie Brinkley and Tyra Banks are engaged for the advertising purposes for this brand. The cosmetics products of this brand are used by famous celebrities as well as by general people.


12. Etude:

This brand is a Korean brand and you know that Korea is very famous for its cosmetics. This Etude brand is well known and plays a very essential role for its reliability, affordability, and honesty. Though this brand is one of the newest cosmetic brands to the part, it has marked its presence by proposing reasonable as well as high class beauty products. This South Korean brand deals with the extensive range of color collections.  Because of that this brand achieves a best brand category in a very short period of time. Therefore, these different collections appeal a great number of customers to purchase the products of this highly famous brand.


13. Lakme:

Lakme is a product of Unilever Brand, and very well-known brand as well as the most reliable over generations. It is also the first makeup brand to introduce a collection of skin and look or face products for woman in India. This brand manufactured Moisturizers, sunscreen, face washes baked chromatic Duo tone eye shadows to Complete lip range and Lakme eye conic range. Also many new products from this brand come every year.


14. Elle 18:

This brand is always famous between collage girls as well as in young school girl. Therefore it targets the youth. This brand mostly innovate new products according to the style that suits the young one. It recently launched Color bomb products which contain a wide range of lip colors also with nail paints. These are inexpensive as well as come with a unique center moisturizing stick of cocoa butter.


So, this is the some examples of the best cosmetic brands, I hope you will enjoy this article and found this very informative and beneficial for you. Hence use this and stay gorgeous!


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