Top 12 Cherry Blossoms Flowers

top 12 cherry blossom flowers

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Have you ever seen a cherry blossom flower? If not, then today we are here to let you know about the cherry blossom flower or different types of flowers. A cherry blossom is the flower that belongs to the genus Prunes. Especially it is the Japanese Cherry and the Japanese called this Prunus serrulata, which is occasionally named sakura after the Japanese.

Many types of cherry blossom are widely cultivated and used as an ornament because it does not produce fruit. The species Prunus avium and Prunus cerasus include edible cherries. In Unicode, it can be denoted by the (U+2740) icon. The cherry blossom tree is truly a vision to feast your eyes on, particularly when it is in full lawless bloom. They contain numerous varieties of the cherry blossom tree. Some of them produce actual cherries and most of them produce only flowers. In Japan, the cherry blossom is nothing but a wonderful and beautiful flowering tree. Thousands of trees are present in Japan. There is festival occurs when the trees are in bloom condition, people comes in large groups from different countries with their families and friends to observe the good-looking flowers and to enjoy carnivals with music, drink and food.

The significance of the cherry blossom Flowers:

In Japan, the cherry blossom characterizes the instability and the beauty of life. It’s a notice that life is almost awesomely beautiful but, only for a short period. They also suggest that the life is precious and very risky. This shows greater importance and deep ethnic tradition about the cherry blossom tree. A “Hanami” festival celebrates for the beauty of the cherry blossom. All the Japanese and other people came from different countries to relax and enjoy this wonderful and awesome seen. The blooming starts in Okinawa in January and normally reaches Kyoto and Tokyo at starting of April or at the ending of March. Other categories comprise of yamazakura, shidarezakura and yaezakura. The yaezakura contains large flowers, dense with ironic pink petals, while the shidarezakura, also known as the ‘weeping cherry’, involves branches that drop like those of a leaking willow, having cascades of pink flowers. Following are the countries in which the cherry blossom flowers are produced.

  • Australia
  • India
  • Turkey
  • Brazil
  • China
  • Canada
  • United States
  • The Netherlands
  • United Kingdom
  • Germany
  • The Netherlands
  • South Korea

The blooming period, petals and the color varies from each other.

Top 12 Cherry Blossom Flowers:

Now, we are listing the top 12 cherry blossom flowers and the festival which is celebrated in every year in the spring season when flower is on bloom.

1. Somei Yoshino:

The Somei Yoshino is also called as the Yoshino cherry. This is a type which contains pink flowers that blooms in early April. If tree is planted, then it blooms particularly beautifully among the ages of 20 to 40.


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2. Yamazakura:

Yamazakura is also recognized as the hill cherry. This is a kind of cherry flower with a moderately long life. This tree has trunk about 1 mtr in diameter therefore it is a big tree. The flowers are whitish and having small baby pink color.

3. Shidarezakura:

The Shidarezakura is also known as the weeping cherry. Flowers blooms on loose branches. Minobusan Kuonji Temple contains large Shidarezakura that is 400 yrs old.

4. Edo-higanzakura:

Edo-higanzakura tree show small pale pink flowers. They blooms in the late March. It is a lasting and some develops into an enormous tree. Its trunk has diameter of about 12 meters.

5. Shibazakura:

Shibazakura is nothing but a lawn cherry flower. One thing is noticeable that it is not from the family of the cherry tree. The Moss Phlox flowers appear like cherry blossom therefore it is identified as Shibazakura in Japan. This plant grows very slowly and it contains white, pink. April to May is the blooming period of this flower.

6. Kwazu-zakura:

In early spring the Kawazu-zakura trees blossom. The flowers are large and having pink colour, this is the exceptional property. In the condition of flowering they look very beautiful and intense. The natal place of Kawazuzakura is ‘Kawazu-cho’ in Izu Peninsula. The cherry blossom festival is celebrated every year from early February over and done with March that is known “Kawazuzakura Matsuri.

7. Yaezakura:

Yaezakura ia s type of cherry flower having a big flower with many layers of petals and it looks very beautiful. Mid-April through late April is the flowering season of the yaezakira trees. Nagatoro-machi in Saitama Zone is one of the best sites among the Japan’s best 100 sites for cherry blossoms.

8. Ichiyo:

This is the late flowering type of cherry tree. The main period of     blooming is mid-April. Mostly it is found in the Japans Park and ground. This variety includes around twenty petals which are pink in colour each blossom, and the new leaves are green in colour.

9. Kikuzakura:

This flower is also recognised as ‘Chrysanthemum Cherry’. The blooming time is late April to early may. In the condition of blooming the new and fresh leaves are already developed and it hides the flowers. This contains about one hundred petals in each flower. This is the latest blooming tree.

10. Jugatsuzakura:

The Jugatsuzakura also known as “October Cherry” that is one of the diversities that flowers in the autumn and winter. This shows fall colours and the flowers are very thin and small as well as this shows wonderful sight like snow. The flowering period is late October to January and spring.

11. Fugenzo:

The flowering period is mid and late April. The colour of the flower is white and light pink if they open but appears dark pink when closed. The fresh and new leaves are coppery in colour. It contains 30 to 40 flowers in each blossom.

12. Shogetsu:

It is a late blooming type of flowers; it is very large in size. It involves about 20 to 30 petals which is whitish in colour. The fresh leaves are green in colour. The period of blooming is early to late April.   So, these are the different types of cherry blossom flowers. Hence, enjoy the spring season with this wonderful and beautiful flowers. I hope this article will be informative to you.

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