Top 10 curly hair tips

top curly hair tips

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Do you wish for curly hairs? Getting tired in managing the curly hair! Yes, we all know that curly hair require more care as well as attention than straight hairs. Every girl or women wants to attain strong and wonderful frizz- free curls to look healthy and perfect. Hence today in this article we are telling you some tips for the curly hairs. The curly hairs are attractive of all hair textures because hairs play an important role in looking stunning and building a good personality.

There are different types of hair and curly hair is also a type among them. Those who have curly hair become center of attraction. If you want your curls healthy and clean then there is a requirement of the right curly hair goods for your particular curl type. You have to know the right step to take a flawless style management for your hairs. There are many steps to take a good care of the curly hair and this are as follows;

So, there are five main types in styling process:

  • washing,
  • conditioning,
  • drying,
  • styling, and
  • Finishing.

If you follow this steps then your curls becomes easier but it takes time as well as preparation to get strong attractive frizz-free curls. Some girls are very lucky because they got naturally curly hairs but others not. One thing is also noticed that if you have healthy as well as beautiful curls than   you look 10 times fresher as well as happier. The curls and coils spring around the face and this gives you a young look and increases your confidence also.

As curly hairs are threatening to handle as well as take care of all this. Therefore now we are discussing about some curly hair tricks.


Top 10 curly hair tips:

  1. 1.      Wash and protect your hairs:

Curly hairs are more susceptible to most severe shampoos. The shampoo that contains pH level from 4.5 to 5.5 is very suitable for curly hair. All of us oil our hair and the normal oils figure up on the scalp producing a style disaster therefore to eliminate the smoke, duet etc. shampooing is very essential. The washing depends upon the curl type. The right shampoo gives the power to shower your curls deprived of shedding away natural oils that defend your hair and scalp. When you wash your hairs then they open the hair cuticle which will dry out your curls. The correct shampoo gives gentle cleansing; magnesium present in it provides strength, increases elasticity, controls dryness, proteins responsible for moisturize the hair.


2. Stop Straightening: 

Most of the individuals having curly hairs found this difficult to handle simply as well as manage life time. Therefore many of you changes their hair type as well as their hair style to handle and care this easily. It is also exciting to look different with the new kind but the procedure of straightening provides heat damage that is not good for your hairs. As a result the hair lost its goodness as well as its quality hence stays away from heat damage.


3. Conditioning for curly hair:

Conditioning is must that gives nutrition to the hairs. Conditioning is needed because it gives moisture to curly hairs that will close the hair cuticle to lock in the moisture providing you easier curls. If you are not applying conditioner then your hair becomes dull, without shining, and also looks oily. It is observable that loose curls require not as much of conditioning because conditioning gives a weight to the curls. So, deep conditioning is essential twice in a month. Daily conditioning is important but in deep conditioning it penetrates into many layers of your hair and also moisture your roots to make the hairs frizz free. The conditioning helps to eradicate tangles, keeps hair color, flattest hair and preserves shine, and also Light bulk, non-greasy plan.


4. Trimming is required:

I think you know that there is an increase in the length of our hair for about ½ inch every month. It is recommended by the hair stylist that the trimming is necessary in each 6 to 8 weeks. It fully depends upon the size of your hairs. The trimming plays an essential role to prevent fragmenting of end parts of hairs. Therefore if you trim your hairs on a regular basis, then you will observe that your hair looking improved and healthier which you want.


5. Sleep on silk:

top curly hair tips

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Use satin or silk pillowcase while sleeping. This is advised for both who have curly hair as well as straight hairs. A satin or silk do not absorb much oil as cotton absorbs and also it is very helpful to prevent your curls from tangling. It not only avoids tangles but also friction between the hairs. Because of fractioning the composite web of the curly hairs hard fibers rubs each other that lead to hair damage. When you sleep on silky pillow case then in next morning you will see the result. It will useful to maintain your hair curl pattern intact as well as decrease your frizz in the morning.


6. Curly Hair Care involves Styling:

It is also important to give a good style to your hairs. For designing curly hair, you have to trust on a product that is very helpful in the regulation and organization of your curls. While styling do not touch your hairs because the oil and grime in your hands is responsible to makes your hair frizz. It is very important to select a perfect product hides or removes greasy and also tacky products build up in your hair. It is also noticed that each curl is formed by grouping the hairs because every curl require spinning 2.5 times to form a well-defined loop.

The method of drying the hairs with the help of the towel is responsible for making lots of knots. Wet styling is famous for easily handling of curly hairs which gives definition. Styling gives you a new definition to curl and it is responsible to prevent frizz to the control, Restarts with water, it should be Silicone free, dries clean as well as soft.


7. Drying the curly hair:

It you want a perfect frizz free style then dry your hair naturally and it is most operative way for this. The more curls can be achieved by the more movement during the drying method. Scattering your curls is very helpful to increase the aeration time deprived of producing a lot of crimp. Drying plays a significant role in the prevention of the weight of the curl from losing its curl formation. Also it provides more volume at the root. If you want an extra bounce to your curls at the roots then attempt the limp your head during drying with a diffuser. It especially provides the speed up in the drying time, improves curl production, and gives more volume and spring at the root.


8. Use correct combs:

Many of you observe detangling while styling your curls to attain a perfect curl. You have to avoid using clashes and narrow-toothed combs and instead of these large as well as wide-toothed combs are preferably used. It will be very helpful to prevent the frizz as well as rupture. A wide toothed comb is very useful in eliminating all movable hairs and webs. This plays an essential role in the formation of distinct ringlet as well as avoids tender matting. Mostly the combs and brushes are manufactured for conventional and crimped hair. You have to brush away the tangles with a large and wide toothed brush but no need to pull at your hair.


9. Prepare to collapse seashore head:

It is observed that seashore environment is very helpful for the curly hairs. Involve your body and hairs so as to boost your natural texture. Because the wind, moisture, and salt present at the beach comes in contact with the porous cuticle of curly hair is helpful to make curl in a flash. If you want to avoid this then put a thick covering of styling gel as well as conditioners. It is very beneficial to separates curls, gives a wonderful definition, adds textures, and combats with the frizz and also gives a wavy look to your curly hairs.


10. Hair accessories:

best curly hair tips

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This gives a very best advantage for your curly hairs. There are many hair accessories such as ties, ribbons, hair bands, clips, and bandanas that are offered in the market in numerous pattern and colors. This is responsible for holding your hair under control as well as makes you very stylish. Use these accessories if you want to control your curls while working.

Now, one thing is most important that finish your curly hairstyle by crumpling your curls with hairspray in cream form, to add extra spring and bulk to the areas that need it the most.


So, these are some helpful tips for the curly hairs I hope you will find this informative as well as useful for your hairs. So, stay dazzling!


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