Top 7 Eye Makeup Products

top eye makeup products

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Hi readers, how are you all doing? I have compiled a list of the best eye makeup products of my liking. I speak of personal experience. Makeup, eyes and lips are two parts that should be done very beautifully to enhance the look. In fact, I would say, eyes can make or mar your look. So, let your eyes do all the talking… Read on for details of these products. You can all see, Maybelline is doing particularly good when it comes to eye makeup products..


Top 7 Eye Makeup Products:

Let us start with the very basic products that you need to highlight your eyes on a daily basis.


1. Maybelline Hypercurl Volum Express Mascara

Price INR 350

This mascara from Maybelline gives an instant thickness boost to thin and less dense eyelashes. The Formula of this mascara helps your eyelashes appear denser fuller. It curls up your eye lashes in an instant to give a curled eye lashes look. For those, fluttery eye lashes. It claims of having a lasting power of up to 18 hours at a stretch. The brush is a uniquely defined one to give the best effect. In fact it has been patented in its design. It is a Curved, anti-clump type brush that ensures separated lashes. Thanks to Maybelline for that because clumped eyelashes look very unattractive. This mascara has a Waterproof formula ensures long lasting wear and comfortable usage even in summer months.


2. Lakme Eyeconic Eye Kajal Black

Price INR 200

I currently love this kajal cum eyeliner pen a lot. This came in after hype on Maybelline colossal and I must say, it turned out to be way better. It is a Water-proof, Smudge-proof formulation so very comfortable and convenient for summers and non air conditioned environments too. It comes in a sleek, pen like, Convenient Twist- up Format. It has a great Lasting power of up to 10 hours. Applying it is very easy; all it needs is a single Stroke to get the full pigment on your eyes. Just one swipe and you are good to go. As this Kajal is dermatologically tested, you can wear it without any worries about allergies or watery eyes. This Kajal is super easy to remove and can be wiped off with any routine makeup cleanser without much of a struggle.


Get the party look with these Eye shadows

3. Maybelline Color Tattoo Eye Shadow -Pomegranate Punk 30

Price and quantity 4gm for INR 350

This is a very funky eye shadow from Maybelline, New York. A lot of colour variants are there to choose from in this particular range of eye shadows. So, there is something for everyone out there. I personally, like the pomegranate pink the most for its punk factor. This range of eye shadows adds an edge and a dimension of glamour to the simplest monochrome outfits. I must say the pigment pays off and the lasting power is commendable.


4. NYX Dramatic Chromatic Eye Shadow

Price INR 219

This is very well pigmented single colour eye shadow from NYX. This offers a dramatic colour with a hint of metallic to pearly shine. You are sure to be a stunner at the party. This finely milled powder that feels soft and light textured on your eyes. I like sporting it in office too at times since this particular shade is very soft and feminine. The quantity seems to be pretty decent for the price and the quality of the product.


 5. NYX Trio Eyeshadow – Aloha/Mink Brown/ Deep Bronze

Price INR 475

For those of you who do not prefer loud, colourful eye shadows and like to stick to basic and subtle shades close to natural skin tone, when it comes to eye makeup should definitely, opt for this eye shadow. These three are very nicely co-ordinated shades of eye shadow in this palette are a must have for your day to day makeup needs. There is a specific way of putting this eye shadow for the best effect. The staying power is good so, no need for frequent touch ups.


Now, when you do so much makeup, you need to remove it too right?

6. Lakme Absolute Bi-Phased Make-Up Remover

Price and quantity 60ml for INR 225

This Makeup Remover gives you a combined effect of cleansing as well as refreshing your face. These properties are made possible by using combination oil with water. This makeup remover gives the best cleansing experience. This unique formulation is bi phased. The oil  removes make-up my melting the makeup and facilitates wiping it off while the light water phase ensures that you stay fresh and even hydrated. Also, it feels light on skin and not sticky like routine, cream based cleansers. Do not worry about side effects, at all, as it has been dermatologically tested. It claims of removing even very stubborn, long wearing and waterproof varieties of makeup products that are otherwise tough to get rid of. When your skin is clean you can sleep without any worries of getting zits or breakouts. This is one product that you should not ignore as sleeping with residues of makeup on your face causes a lot of skin troubles like faster ageing, increased sebum production pimples and the obvious damage caused by chemicals. A must buy from my side.


7. Basicare Styling Eyelashes

Price INR 212

I recommend this brand because their products give a superior quality in affordable prices. These Styling Eyelashes give you the perfect look for an evening party. These eyelashes are ready to use in an instant. There is no mess of adhesive and all and so, no waiting for letting the lashes dry too. All you need to put them on is a gentle touch on the eye lashes and you are good to go in seconds. Due to such a hassle free usage, there are recommended for those who are wearing false eyelashes for the very first time. Need I say more?? 🙂 Other companies offer a similar product at a much higher price.


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