Top 9 Herbal Hair Products In India

top herbal hair products

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Vlcc Hair Strengthening Oil With Olive & Almond

Hi readers, in my write up today I have compiled a small list of herb and plant based hair care products so that you can provide your crowning beauty with the tender, love and care it deserves without exposing it to plethora of harsh chemicals. Hair tends to get dull and lifeless due to continuous damage caused by heat from the sun, UV rays, pollution and dust. It needs to be pampered … Read on to know about some of the best selling and most appreciated herbal hair care products . Enjoy!!

A good cleansing or shampooing routine is must for hair as when dirt and grime accumulates on scalp. It leads to more sebum production and makes your hair limpy and oily. Also, if you do not keep your scalp clean, it can lead to dandruff. So, below are a few good herbal shampoos that cleanse your hair and scalp with the goodness of plant extracts without causing any side effects. Say No to SLS and parabens.


Top 9 Herbal Shampoos In India:

1. Aroma Magic Triphla Shampoo:

Price and quantity: 120ml for Rs. 75Rs.

This is a gentle Triphla based shampoo. This shampoo claims of deeply cleansing hair and scalp while also managing to moisturize and condition hair. It does its job without upsetting the natural pH balance of the scalp. It enables the hair cuticles and scalp to breathe easily. It also adds volume to less dense hair. It adds shine to dull, lifeless hair. It has no side effects.


2. Shahnaz Husain Shamla Hair Cleanser For Dry Hair Shampoo

Price and quantity:  200ml for Rs. 525Rs.

The particular shampoo has been formulated with extracts of Amla that has been known for its immense benefits to hair since ages. This shampoo by Shahnaz herbals helps you counter thinning of hair by adding some body to it and makes them stronger. It cleanses oil; dirt and grime build up from scalp and hair well. It also helps if you suffer from dandruff. It promotes natural hair shine and lustre too.


3. Bio-Green Apple Shampoo & Conditioner

Price and quantity:  120ml Rs. 99Rs

Green Apples have such a refreshing smell. This refreshing shampoo is to purify hair from the very roots and nourish them. It strengthens the hair with its natural minerals and proteins. This special formula work without disturbing the natural pH balance of scalp. It is gentle enough to use every day. It comes at such an affordable price that it is definitely worth a shot.


4. Bio-Henna Leaf Fresh Texture Shampoo & Conditioner with Color

Price and quantity: 210ml for Rs. 159Rs.

It is a shampoo that contains Henna. It does a triple job of cleansing, Colouring and conditioning hair all at once while you wash your hair. So, it is the perfect cleanser for hair coloured with Henna. It contains Henna which helps in maintaining the colour for longer. It also thickens weak, friable and easily breakable hair. It retextures and adds body and fullness to hair. It adds makes hair look healthy and glossy. It prevents hair fall. It is a complete package i.e. a conditioning and protective cleanser for hair and scalp.


5. Tatha Shampoo – Normal hair

Price and quantity:  145ml for Rs. 1,210

This shampoo provides the perfect solution for those desiring a product that cleans the scalp and hair gently so that you may use it on daily basis without any fear of the damage caused by sulphates and parabens.


6. Khadi Herbal Amla & Bhringraj Shampoo

Price and quantity:  210ml for Rs. 120

This shampoo is totally chemical free and promises to make your hair healthy and manageable. Oiling is essential to maintain a healthy and shining mane. One should oil hair at least once a week to strengthen hair from roots and prevent hair thinning and hair fall. Also, oil penetrates hair strands and moisturises them and help in maintaining the shine of hair.


7. Vlcc Hair Strengthening Oil With Olive & Almond – 100ml

Price and quantity:  100ml for Rs. 395Rs.

There is no doubt about the fact that regular massage with this hair oil helps your hair looking better and feeling healthier and stronger. This VLCC Hair Oil is composed of natural and organic elements ingredients like Olive oil and almond oil both of which are boon for hair. Its nourishing ingredients make your hair stronger. This oil is Ideal for unisex usage.


8. Dove Elixir Nourished Shine Hair Oil with extracts of Hibiscus & Argan Oil

Price and quantity:  90ml for Rs. 185 Qty:

Dove Elixir contains the goodness of Hibiscus with Argan Oil. This elixir helps your hair absorb and retain moisture and impart your tresses with a beautiful shine. This elixir gives you the goodness and effect of overnight oiling in merely 30 minutes. So, comes in very handy when you do not have time for a proper hair care routine. Need I say more? There are a few of us who do not like oiling hair in particular and also sometimes do not have the time for over night oiling. Thanks to hair masks that save the day. They are non sticky, hydrating hair products that need barely 30 to 40 minutes to work on your hair and give equivalent effects as overnight oiling. Hair packs are best applied on slightly damp hair. Steam allows these packs to penetrate your hair strands better. Another very good point about this elixir is that it can be used pre wash as oil and also post hair wash as a light textured serum. Post wash you just have to take care that you do not apply too much of it.


9. Iraya Hair Masque With 11 Herbs

Price and quantity:  200gm for Rs. 795Rs.

This hair pack hydrates, Conditions & nourishes the hair. It contains the goodness of extracts of hibiscus flower, fenugreek or methi and brahmi. All these ingredients work together to keep your hair black, shiny and dandruff free while making them hydrated and manageable.

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