Top 12 Best yoga poses

top and best yoga poses

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Yoga! Everyone have to do yoga! Yoga is nothing but a kind of mental and physical exercises. Yoga is more than just elongating and relaxation. But do you know about different yoga poses? Yes! There are many yoga poses hence today in this article we are discussing on best yoga poses.

The Yoga is beneficial for to the individual to exceed the self and achieve brilliance and stress free life. The main purpose of yoga is to form power in mind as well as in body. The different yoga postures contain initial arrangement and strength required to master many more advanced postures. There are many wonderful postures which figure strength in yoga, and the Solid, elastic muscles play a vital role to keep your body young and your mind active. Practice these poses with carefulness and be persistent.

Today we will discuss at physical level, the yoga poses are also known as ‘asanas’.The aim of the yoga poses are to possess the body fit. The mental level yoga includes meditation and ‘dhyan’.Man is related with mental physical, and spiritual things and yoga supports to sponsor a stable growth of this entire three.
Doing yoga the bogy gets refreshed with planetary energy.

There are many benefits of yoga which are as follows;

  • Achievement of perfect symmetry and harmony,
  • Increases self-awareness,
  • Eliminates negative blocks from the mind and pollutants from the body,
  • Increases Personal power,
  • Supports self- healing,
  • especially important for children,
  • Helps in devotion focus and awareness,
  • Eases stress and tension in the physical body by initiating the parasympathetic nervous system.


Top 12 Best yoga poses

Now we are discussing on best yoga poses and they are as follows:

1. Lotus Pose:

The first pose is Lotus position. During this pose you have to sit crosses legged with your hands relaxing on the palms up and on knees. Breathing pattern is very important in this pose. It should be calm breathing at first, attention on the breathing such as 5 counts in and 5 counts out. There is no special breathing technique but it should be natural. Close your eyes and focus on your rhythm of breathing. After doing this you will get a calm mind.


2.  Navasana Or Boat poses:

This posture involves many variations. It contains a grouping of hip flexion, mental control, and essential strength. If you want to build a powerful core musvle as well as bring into line of spines then holding your breath for a minimum of five minutes. This posture can be used medicinally which is responsible improve back pain due to weak strengths. Try this effort to get a strong core through Navasana.


3. Trikonasana – Triangle Pose:

Stand straight, distinct your feet wide apart. You can also rest your hand higher up on your leg, but avoid putting it directly on your knee. Now turn your left foot out to 15 degrees and right foot out to 90 degrees. Maintain the balance of your body similarly on both feet. Now twist your body to the right side, down from the hips. One thing you notice that retains your waist straight, therefore permitting your right hand comes down and touches the ground and left hand to come up in the air. Try to keep both the arms in a straightforward line. Repeat on the other side. Trikonasana spans the sides of your body. This pose tones your thighs and arms as well as develops the elasticity of your body.


4. Locust poses or Salabhasana:

The Locust pose that is also identified as Salabhasana is yoga posture. First of all lye on your belly with arms together with the body then, slowly lift your legs as well as arms together. Also lift your chest high as pleased. This pose will open the heart, low energy; help poor posture, ingestion, gas, bladder sadness, and back aching.


5. Upward Facing Dog Poses or Urdhva Mukha Svanasana:

This Upward Facing Dog pose is originated from can be Locust pose with a impartial lying position by planting your palms and even toe nails directly under your shoulders, in the mat. Lift your body gently off the mat because of that the ends of your feet and palms of the hands are in portions of  body that definitely fixed to mat.


6. Bhujangasana  Or Cobra poses:

This pose appears like a snake and therefore hence it is termed the snake pose or the cobra pose. This is nothing but a curved pose. In this pose, you have to place yourself into a bent pose that look like a snake. Nap on the ground in such a manner that your forehead touches the ground or mat. Now, flat your palms below your shoulders in a style that it gets inserted close to your body. Stretch your legs that the top of your bottoms touches down into the mat. Now breathe in & slowly press your hands to stretch your arms, directing your chest up.


7. Child pose or Balasana:

Child’s pose also known as Balasana is relaxing position or a stress free position. This pose is helpful to cool the mind and the body under stress and anxiety. You can do this any period of time, even during the practicing when you are feeling tired. First of all bend your knees, slim forward with your forehead on the mat. Place your arms at the sides of your body with your palms up, just next to your feet or even palms down pushed on the head. Do Breathe sincerely and give attention on your breath rhythms while eyes remaining closed.


8. Utkatasana or Chair poses:

Stand in the standing that means Tadasana position with stretching your hands up in the air. Now curve your knees and effort to retain your thighs in a equivalent line with the ground in the same way in which you sit on a chair. Stop in this situation for 30 seconds and then get relief. This poses are beneficial for decreasing fats in the thighs as well as arms.


9. Tadasana or mountain poses:

The Tadasana is also known as ‘Samasthiti’ which is the simple standing version. It improves bad posture and develops the arrangement of your body. Most of the people know this as mountain poses. Stand up straight with your feet together, with your shoulders moved down and back and look ahead. Take your hands into prayer position, and inhale. The mountain pose is very beneficial because it provides better balance, better posture as well as improved concentration.


10. Grinding pose or Chakki Chalan:

This pose is again a very actual asana and exercise for decreasing belly fat. For beginning, you have to sit in a relaxed position and extent your legs straightforward in front of you. There should be no space between your legs so as to touch each other. Do not curve your knees. Later that joins your hands and changes it in spherical motion over your legs. This contributes not only a good massage but also bounce to your hands, stomach, and legs. Do this anti-clockwise and clockwise for about 10 minutes.


11. Cow and cat poses or Chakravakasana:

This is also identified as Chakravakasana. This poses are the calming poses, cat and cow poses should be used together. Place the knees below the hips and the hands beneath the shoulders, bow on all fours with a neutral spine. With the breathe in, let the belly sink near the floor, looking up for Cow and letting the head fall down, with the breathe out, curved the back up to the upper limit for Cat. Retain the eyes closed as much as possible. Attempt and curved the back one vertebra at a time. This pose is extreme for pressure in the back. This cow and cat poses is beneficial for giving an perfect vertebral placement, supports and contributes back muscles in the back and grows organization of spinal movement.


12. Warrior poses or Virabhadrasana:

This is warrior pose yoga. This asana is traditionally known as ‘Virbhadrasana’. For this, first of all you need to stand in ‘Tadasansa’ pose and then transfer your feet about 4 inches separately from each other. Extend your arms up in the air and spring them. Now turn your right leg to 90 degrees on the right side and therefore change your left leg in the same way and also stretch it. Your back must be straight. Stare upwards to your hands opposite the sky. Repeat this asana 10 times daily. This pose is generally used for losing weight. It is beneficial for abdominal muscles, hips as well as legs; it also supports back muscles and removes back pain.


The Yoga is an ancient form of exercise which is responsible for healthy mind and healthy body. Hence, use this and get strong health as well as stress free mind by preforming the Yoga.

So, there are many yoga poses, but some of them explained here. Apply this in the guidance of your instructor. I hope you enjoy this article and find this informative and beneficial for you!


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