Eye Makeup Tips

eye makeup tips

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Makeup is an essential part of every woman’s life. So, today in this article we will discuss on the eye makeup tips. Beautiful makeup is also very similar to your most essential accessories. There is a cyclic shift in beautiful makeup because fashion trends come and go. Eye makeup is very important part of make up because it makes women very beautiful and attractive. To enhance your beauty of eye, we are telling you some eye makeup tips to give an effective boost in your confidence.

Before doing anything else, you must have to know your skin type and about your eye shape. You have to determine, whether your skin contains cool or warm undertones.  Some serious self-observation in natural light is required for this observation. Using the best eye makeup your eyes become bright, large, and more attractive.


Instructions for Different Eye Shapes:

There are millions of sizes and shapes come in the category of Eyes. You must have to know you eye type for applying the right and best eye makeup. Following are some eyes types and according to that you have to choose your form.

eyes makeup tips

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  • Deep set: If your eyes are deep set then, sprinkle complete eyelid with a pale and light tone for looking to eyes forward. You can also deepen the color along the upper lash line with a medium tone, but one thing you remember that do not dark the crease.
  • Protruding: When your eyes are extended from one another then choose tones only having warmness and depth to make the eyes move away. Powder a medium tone over the whole eyelid. Use a deeper tone at the lash lines.
  • Large: If you have large eyes then you are a lucky girl because you can test with warm and deep tones. But remember one thing that keeps mascara very soft.
  • Narrow set: Women with narrow set of eyes retain the application on the outer edges of the eyes as well as prolonging slightly beyond the outer corners.
  • Small: Women with small eyes use only shimmery tones giving bright light to the eyes. Avoid black tone because it looks to severe and limits your eyes.
  • Wide set: If you have wide set of eyes then start the makeup from inner corners of the eyes. Try to avoid going past the outer corners.

Every woman wants bigger and more dramatic eyes with flapping eyelashes. Eye shadow, Mascara, and eyeliner can certainly do the trick to help you disappear the crease that always comes your way to get beautiful and bold eyes.


Eyes Makeup Tips:
Now, we are giving you some tips by which you can make your eyes more popular. We are sharing some specific techniques or steps for eye makeup.

1. Begin with a clean schedule:

Clean your whole face with a gentle cleanser to remove residual eye makeup. Do not use moisturizer on the eyelids as the eye makeup runs off. Apply primer and over your eyelids and up to the brow bone.

2. Select your skin tone around your eyes:

Put concealer on the dark under eye circles and on the area where both the eyebrows joins. Blend the makeup outward to your cheekbones and nose by using concealer brush and fingers. Smear some powder on your eyelids.

 3. White eye shadow is your friend:

For making eyes bigger and brighter use only a white pen or highlighter. Apply white eye shadow on the inner place of your eyes. You can also use several colors but remember that use light eye shadow at the center of the eye lid and the darker colors towards the corner up to the eyebrow.

  • Apply a medium color on your eyelid.
  • Apply a dark color on your brow bone.
  • Apply a light color on your crease.

If you smear more colors then use your fingers or a fluffy, or a tapered lending brush for giving more consistent and natural look.

5. Take care of eye-liner:

There are verities in the eyeliner also like, liquid eyeliner, a liner pencil or a wet eye shadow to line your eyes. Use a brighter colored liner for the inner ½ Line and for the outer 1/2 use Kajal or even Gel-based liners. Make a line which is thick on your outer eye corners of your lid on the lower eye and thin on inside.

6. Big Lashes:

For making big lashes and bigger eyes, there are two options for you that are mascara and eyelash extensions. Choice is yours, but when choosing lashes, use the singles and stay away from your lower lashes. First of all curl your eyelashes to open up your eyes and after that use mascara or false lashes.

7. Proper your brows: bold and dense eye browse are so in right now but be cautious because you have to maintain them. Do not make your eyebrows too thick.

8. Curl your lashes:

Curl your eyelashes before you apply mascara. Hold the clamp for five seconds and curl to grip your upper lashes.

9. Apply mascara:

eyes makeup tips

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 There are various types of mascara and formula for length, volume, and definition. Begin with at the base of your upper lashes and slowly curve upwards. You can also use mascaras on the lower lashes as well as more than one coat to give a dramatic effect.

10. Highlight your best parts:

This is a special type in the makeup that is a highlighter. It can be your wonderful friend or even the worst of enemy. By using highlighter you can highlight the cheek bone, voila inner eyes corner and brow bone. Definitely you will get bigger eyes!

Remember one thing that use a good quality product and always choose colours belonging to the similar family like beige, off white, brown, grey, white, black, white, silver, and even dark grey.


Hence, these are some tips for eye makeup and I hope this article is informative for you and will help you to make your eyes glowing and beautiful!


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