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best yoga dvd

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Are you looking to buy a Yoga DVD? Are you beginner and practicing yoga? There are many reasons for doing yoga, such as to rebuild an injury, to reshape and support your body, and to decrease stress. It is very hard to choose the best yoga DVDs because there is so difference in each and every person’s requirement and choice. The innocent and most actual way to practice yoga at home is by means of a yoga DVD. Therefore, today in this article we are telling you about the Best yoga DVDs.

Yoga is nothing but a meditation and relaxation technique that is very ancient form of exercise because of its various health benefits. Therefore millions of people prefer only Yoga. One thing you have to remember that why you want to learn yoga will be very beneficial to choose the yoga DVD. There is hundreds of yoga DVDs available in the market for practicing yoga in our home. The perfect entry point for starting yoga is beginner’s yoga DVDs. When you have a super tight budget then you has limited choice but if situation is different then there are many choices like online searching. Following are some basic features that are available in every Yoga DVD for the people who just begin with this health routine.

  • Offers complete body training and stretches,
  • Short divisions of 10 to 20 minutes each to break up the workout,
  • Good instructions on proper pose performances, and
  • Nice selection in the basic, easy to do poses.

So, pick up those DVDs that are suitable to your Yoga routine and according to your need.


Top 10 best Yoga DVDs:

Now we are giving you a list of top yoga DVDs that is useful for you in choosing right one

1. Power Yoga Strength and Flexibility- Best Rodney Yee:

This DVD is mostly important for those who want to do a large body work.  There are many verities but the power yoga can strengthen and cause flexibility which is is best one among other DVDs. This is specially made for the athletes.This DVD contains information in a good teaching style.

2. Yoga for the Warrior by Bob harper:

This DVD is totally amazing as well as independent. It takes only 60 minutes to do your yoga routine. This DVD is release in 2010. It involves the traditional yoga methods which is important for weight loss. The yoga will boost heart rates that will results into physical and metabolic responses by losing weight.

3. Yoga Journal Complete Beginner’s Guide-Best for Beginners:

If you are fresher in the world of yoga then this DVD is for you. The information in this DVD is little bit familiar with poses of yoga. This DVD guide figures a safe rehearsal from even ground up.

4. Jillian Michaels’ Yoga Meltdown:

This DVD involves a dynamic training method to help you to lose your weight. This also contains Many planks, warm ups and the cool down as well as the yoga elite crow pose which is responsible to burn lots of calories in a healthy and easy way.

 5. Best Ashtanga:

The Ashtanga is also known as power yoga. It involves less meditation and producing more stamina and strength. David Swenson, Richard Freeman and Nicki Doane each offer DVDs for Ashtanga. It is mostly used by athletes as well as the information mainly attentions on graceful postures intended to link the body and the mind and breathing methods.

6. Beginners yoga by Michael Wohl:

This is a boxed set of yoga directed by Michel wohl involves basic yoga techniques for flexibility, relaxation and relieve. This DVD especially mentions   neck, shoulder and back issue. This contains stress relieving tips which eliminate all the negative emotional, physical as well as mental issue.  It provides hints as well as tips to start your day with yoga with other programs for evening recovery for about 40 minutes. It also addresses the insomnia issue for about 35 minutes.

7. Alter Yourself with Jivamukti Yoga:

This is the best east coast DVD. Sharon Gannon and David Life offer this DVD which contains popular yoga styles. This Jivamukti yoga DVD includes creative and challenging movement with poses which will recall your mid to the days as in East Village.

8. Element Yoga and Relax:

This DVD is best because it is made for helping you to reduce fatigue, provides deep muscles relaxation, build stamina, removes all tension of the body and from your nervous system. So buy this for getting relief from tensions!

9. Shiva Rea Prenatal Yoga:

This DVD is mostly useful and excellent choice for women throughout their pregnancies. The duration of this is about 50-minute that focusing mainly on mild stretching. Rea demonstrates postures for the first trimester whereas her pregnant supporters achieve helpful changes for those in their second and third trimesters. It is very useful to lessen minor backaches and pains; therefore it is best DVD during pregnancy.

10. Kundalini Yoga DVD for Beginners:

This DVD is offered by Ana Brett and Ravi Singh and they are well known instructor. Kundalini yoga is nothing but yoga of awareness. This DVD includes movements, set of techniques, breathing exercises, including poses which helps to communicate between mind as well as body. The duration of Kundalini yoga is of 25 minutes which helps to reshape and strengthen your body.


So, these are some examples of the best yoga DVDs. I hope you enjoyed this article and found this very beneficial as well as informative for selecting the best one for you!

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