Top 10 Clear skin Tips

top 10 clear skin tips

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Do you wish for clear skin? I think today nobody is there who do not want a clear skin. For some people, it is like a challenge to achieve a clear and healthy skin. Therefore today we are telling you about some tips which are very helpful to get healthier skin naturally as well as good for your insides.

At the teenage the acne, pimples, deep, painful and deep cysts are observed on chicks, and chin. Therefore every collage girl needs a clear skin. The pimples and acne are developed on our skin when the oil in our skin mostly known as sebum along with the debris such as dead skin cells get stuck in the sebaceous glands, bacteria and pores. By this it results to settle and damage the skin as well as responsible for other infection. Hormone is also responsible for pimples and hence balancing hormone results into clear, beautiful as well as healthy.

Your skin plays a vital role to rejuvenate fresh and new cells. Your skin desires to breath. To get a clear and perfect skin you have to know the some advices, instructions and trick naturally. Everyone suffer from bad skin, thus to clear blemishes and spots we are giving you very essential tips for a clear skin.


Top 10 Clear skin Tips:

Below mention tips are very helpful to get a clear and beautiful skin. We are given some steps and by following this you will definitely see the result.

1. Identify your skin type:

It must be very essential to recognize your skin type because dissimilar skin forms require different types of maintenance. You have to select the best procedures for clearing your skin according your skin types. So, that following are some different skin types and their explanation is given;

  • Oily Skin: Oily skin is a type of skin which is most susceptible to acne and pimples. This type of skin is generally glassy and shimmering as well as has a greasy feel. The clay mask and periodic herbal steam actions is very beneficial for oily skin.
  • Normal Skin: This skin type is a medium type because it is neither only nor dry. You can define it as a gift from nature. Reliably desirable, vibrant, and moist is some common features of normal skin. You have to care the normal skin similar to other skin types. Regular cleansing, harmonizing and conditioning are very essential for the normal skin.
  • Dry Skin: The look of the dry skin is normally dull, itchy, as well as sensitive. Therefore it is very necessary for persons having dry skin to hydrated frequently from the inside with fresh water and outside with steams. You can also use the hydrating balms or ointments for moisturizing the skin.

You have to know the “T-zone” area that contains nose, forehead, as well as chin. But skin round the eyes, mouth and cheeks is dry or normal. These dissimilar kinds of skin demand for diverse actions.


2. Appropriate and healthful diet:

If you want a beautiful and good looking skin then consumes a balanced diet with a sufficient amount of antioxidants and nutrients. Thus, eat plenty of nuts, fruits, beans, and seeds, and foods that are ironic in omega-3 fatty acids etc. Consuming healthy diet and taking right micro-nutrients as well as vitamins provides beauty to your skin.

In certain studies it is found that dairy products are the main cause of acne formation because of hormones. The dairy products contain cow’s milk, yogurt, ice cream and cheese so avoid all this. Therefore avoid fish, eggs, coffee, fried foods, meat, white flour and tobacco, white sugar products, soft drinks, drugs, alcohol, tea, and many other medicines. Use mostly natural and unprocessed products.


2. Drink water:

Water plays an important role in the process of hydration that rinses your body and very helpful to remove toxins. The toxins are responsible for blemishes and inflammation. Water frees your skin from grime and oils. Drink at least 8 to 10 glass daily or half your body weight in ounce. You can also try one glass of water mix with fine grey salt on an empty stomach in the morning. This is a high quality sea salt that balances the body weight as well as clears the skin. Also water contributes in the process of transportation of oxygen and nutrients to the skin cells.


3. Makeup products with chemicals:

Many skin products are very helpful to clear the skin problems but, they are mostly chemical based. The makeup products are chemical-based which involves harmful elements that are responsible for dry out skin as well as intensify the skin problems. Therefore, applying too much makeup is results into damaging skin in the long run. That why use only mineral based and natural makeup. One remedy for combat acne, one option is there for natural spot-fighting which is tea tree oil or manuka honey.  Manuka honey contains antiseptic as well as anti – microbial properties to fight the spots and also lowers the marking leftward by acnes.


4. Cleanse your skin:

top 10 clear skin tips

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Cleansing your skin with natural cleansers is very important to get a glowing skin. If your skin is very oily and acne prone then there is need to extra cleanse your skin to kills bacteria and dry out the oil. Facial cleansers contain so many harmful chemicals that are very injurious to your skin causing flakiness leads into clogging the pores. Use only a natural, PH-neutral, and organic cleansers can be much more effective than unnatural cleansers. This is very helpful to finish the acid layer of the skin, which defends in contradiction of humidity loss and microbes. Take away the cleanser with a muslin cloth to informally exfoliate the skin.


5. Stay away from Sun rays:

Do not spend much time in sun rays. Try to margin your contact with the sun through the middle of the day that means 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM. Use of natural sunscreen, SPF 15 or more is very essential for those who works in the sun for extended periods. Also one option that means a wide-brimmed hat is greatest. Sunlight on your skin is a great cause of vitamin D, but it is also responsible for sun burn, tanning, and wrinkles as well as leads to severe disease like skin cancer.


6. Deal with stress:

It is very important to solve your stress problems and think always positive. In some studies it is observed that high stress level is responsible for worsen acne. The stress inspires the manufacturing of hormones that stimulate oil creation in the sebaceous glands of our skin. Due to stress there is a discharge of chemicals which results into inflammation. If you want to spot free and clear skin then find the natural way for facing with stress such as meditation, exercise, and pampering as well as get rid from the worries.


7. Wash properly:

Washing is very essential to remove the dust and grim from the face. Proper washing is very necessary. It is recommended that Wash your face for about two or three times a day with a face wash. When washing your face, particularly removing the make-up, the pores become tighten. Then put on soap or cleanser and wash with warm water. Follow with rapid cold water. Water is helpful to releases the pores of your skin, revealing your face to a produce bacteria, make-up and dirt.

If the pores are open then external matter enter into your body where it can assemble near to the surface or be fascinated deeper into the pores. Improper washing leads to sludge the dirt, oil as well as bacteria. Cleaning with cold water constricts the pores to cover them off for more contact.


8. Clean your makeup brushes:

It certain studies it is found that most of the women definitely not wash their sponges or brushes. It is advised that you have to wash movable powder brushes in each two to three weeks. And also the foundation brushes once a week. First of all you have to add a pair of droplets of mild facial shampoo or cleanser in lukewarm water in a mug put your brushes in it and cleans with lukewarm water, and perfectly dry and leave it flat to air dry.


9. Drink a Red clover tea:

top clear skin tips

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Red clover tea is found to be very effective in the treatment of acne problems. It is recommended that consumption of three cups per day of organic red clover tea is acts as a natural blood purifier that is very beneficial for acne clears up. You can also drink a spearmint tea. The hormone named androgen is responsible for the acne problem. It leads to stimulate sebaceous glands resulting to the blocked pores, oily skin, and spots because this tea contains ant- androgen properties that are very beneficial for decreasing hormone as well as acne imbalance in women. It is also advised that involve Vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin B- complex rich foods in your diet.


10. Scrubbing is also necessary:

Scrubbing is very essential for achieving the clear and beautiful skin. You can also try a homemade scrub. Take one small bowl of oats mix one cup of cream or warm milk or you add a little water to make a paste. Then apply it on your face leave it for about 3 to 4 minutes. After that wet your hands and with the help of your palm massage it in a circular motion near about 1 to 2 minutes and wash it with the cold water. This homemade scrub is very beneficial for normal as well as oily skin. It results into decreasing the blemish marks and you will see the extremely soft and clear skin. Apply this at least 1 to 2 times in a week.


So, these are some beneficial tips for clear skin. I hope you will find this article very beneficial as well as very informative.



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