Kim Kardashian Makeup Tips

kin kardashian makeup tips

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Of course we all know about Kim Kardashian! But, do you also know about her beauty and makeup secrets? This name is related to the glamour world, the Celebrity makeup artist Troy Jensen has been making stars like Kim Kardashian, Nicole Richie, and Rachel Bilson ready for their close-ups. So, today we are discussing some makeup tips of Kim kardashian. If you are irritated with powder mishaps, incompatible foundation, and oil-slick situations then we are giving you the best solutions of these problems, which are actually being used and said by the renowned celebrity Kim Kardashian.

Kim Kardashian’s makeup has a certain standard look which is defined as pale lips and dark eyes. Mostly she uses flesh tones for her lips and a Smokey eye makeup that makes her look even more appealing and glamorous diva.

Kim Kardishian’s Makeup Tips:

In our wilting culture that centers on instant satisfaction categorical fear of testing, there is something to be respected about Kim Kardashian’s beauty monotonous. The makeup secrets of Kim Kardashian are as follows:

1. Define Your Skin Type:

Determination of your skin type is very important for applying makeup. This is beneficial for you to find the right formula for your complexion and to enhance your base skin.

  • Individual with oily skin types should use a primer and stick to more lusterless formulas and go for oil-free makeup product options.
  • Person with dry skin types should pay attention on properly prepping the face with skin-care products.

2. Follow The Basic:

If you want long lasting makeup, then you can try applying ice on your clean face and moisturize it to make your skin smooth and supple. This is chief basic step of any makeup to get set for longer time and best effect.

3. Conceal:

This is very essential part of celebrity makeup styles, because camera sees everything. This is a trick to cover all the defects on the skin therefore they use lots of concealer. There are two types of concealer:

  • one for whole face and
  • Another one to hide dark circles.

Kim kardashian mostly uses this to get bright and beautiful eyes.

4. Find Your Right Shade:

Heading to the makeup stand, you have to choose the right foundation according to your complexion of skin. But as your appearance changes from season to season, then Jensen advice that mixing in a color-correcting primer to darken or brighten your foundation.

  • If your skin is tanned then, use a foundation which is too light as well as mix a caramel-toned primer in it.
  • If your skin tone is lighter, then use an enhancing primer.

5. Take Eyebrow Shaping Seriously:

As eyebrows are very essential potion in makeup and she suggested that eyebrows are more rounds at the peak is looking nice as compared to sharp or pointed. You can also use cans eyebrow pencil. You can maintain a perfect shape at your home also by pull out extra hairs after a shower because your skin is soft.

6. Principal Of Makeup Application:

Only use a brush when applying foundation on your face for getting the most perfect look. But most women use their fingers to apply their foundation Jensen advice that use medium highlighter 152 brushes instead of standard flat foundation brush.  It gives a nice shining effect to the skin.

7. Black And Smokey Eyes:

kim kardashian makeup tips

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Smokey and black mysterious eyes are very important in Kim Kardashian’s makeup style in brown, grey, and slate hues also. These shades smudged with petroleum jelly.

 8. Max Out The Lashes:

This makeup style is famous for long and luscious lashes. The main thing to make your own lashes look super long is to smear dissimilar mascaras and take your time.

Our best tips for falsies:

  • Place a dot of glue on the back of your hand. Use partial tweezers to pick up the false lash by its base, and strain it through the glue.
  • Slope your head back so you can see your lash line in the mirror, and apply the false lash carefully along that line. Give the glue a few minutes to dry before putting on mascara.

9. Be Careful With Eye Shadow:

Eyelash curling is very essential. Kim has a tip when it comes to flawlessly applying eye shadow. She powder under the eyes before put on the eye shadow. If you can see the white powder, then brush it off.

10. Make Your Lips Shiny: 

 Neutralize the lips with foundation to supports the lipstick and glosses becomes popular. If you want bare and shiny lips then use neutral and nude lip color shades.

11. Keep Nails Neat:

Nail is of different types but this makeup style prefers perfectly squared type. Always carry a file with you. Just use it right, file this only in one direction to prevent breakage. When your nails grow at least eight inches beyond your fingertip only then you shape the sides of your nails.

12. Best Blush Shades:

kin kardashian makeup tips

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Kim Kardashian only uses a blusher and a huge amount of it but she avoids pink or bright reds. If you have acne or a reddish look, choose a yellower shade. The standard pale cream blush she only use a highlight for cheekbones that gives a lovely pearl that glow finish to her face. One trick to find the blush color is that gently pinches your cheeks and matches the color from the blush to see.


Some Of The Important Kim Kardashian’s Makeup Tips Are As Follows:

  • Hair care with conditioning is a key for healthy hair.
  • Moisturize the skin regularly.
  •  Use a damp brush or sponge to give a more natural look.
  • Try to avoid powder if you can.
  • Apply highlighter before your foundation.
  • Always use sunscreen.
    • Skip shampooing sometimes.
    • Eat nutritious foods.


So, these are the Glamorous kim Kardashian’s makeup tips that you can use to get a stylish, fabulous and glamorous look.

I hope you will enjoy this article and find this very beneficial and informative.


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