Immunity Chargers and Busters: Everything you need to know about keeping a healthy Immune system

immunity boosting foods

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Hello readers… I hope all of you are hale and hearty, as ever!! Winter season is at it’s peak and so are seasonal infections like: cold, flu and seasonal infections.. Obviously, to avoid these infections first and foremost is personal hygiene but there are some foods that can be consumed and  habits that can be adapted to  help boost up the immune system and keep you healthy . In this write up, I am going to talk about all that and more. Read on for more.. Remember knowledge is power!!

Immunity is basically, the body’s resistance to fight infections and it’s capability to repair itself. Some part of it is naturally endowed upon us by birth through maternal antibodies and some part of it is acquired through our diet, vaccinations and life style.

 Foods your body would thank you for!!!

1. Yogurt
I guess, everyone must have seen Kajol endorsing Yakult probiotic yoghurt In T.V commercials. Well, it works and there is no unnecessary hype about probiotics. Probiotic bacteria are basically gut friendly bacteria that keep our digestive system healthy and help activate our immune system. Best part is that Yoghurt is one food that blends well with almost any fruit flavour that makes it very palatable and tasty. So, you can always add some fresh strawberries or grapes or Apples to make the whole thing more interesting.

2. Oat meal
This grain is a hot favourite amongst people on diets. It has beta-glucan, with antimicrobial and antioxidant capabilities. People taking at least one serving of oats, a day are supposed to be less likely to contract seasonal infections. Anti oxidants help in fighting the free radicals produced in our body through various metabolic processes. Free radicals damage our body in multiple ways and are also responsible for ageing.

3. Garlic Cloves
Excellent food against colds. It contains an ingredient called, Allicin, that fights the pathologic bacteria. You tend not to contract colds and flus if you consume some raw cloves of garlic every day. Also, garlics have been found to decrease the odds of developing colorectal or stomach infection in leter life.

4.  Herbal or green Tea
Amino acid, L-theanine, present in herbal green tea help the body to fight viruses better due to increased production of a substance called Interferon. Also, it has anti oxidants and flavinoids that are good for overall health and also great for people who are trying to shed some weight 🙂 So readers, ”chai pio, mast jio”. The good news is the decaf versions are equally good to serve the purpose.

5. Chicken Soup or broth
The amino acid Cysteine, warm temperature soup’s salty broth and spices like garlic etc help in preventing as well as curing flu.

6. Fish
Consumption of fish boosts the activity of our body’s defence cells and lead to production of Cytokines, a type of protein that acts against Viruses, especially the flu virus. Certain types of  fish are also a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids that lessen Inflammation of the airways to prevent and ease out the symptoms of respiratory distress that occurs due to infections.

7. Citrus Fruits:
These are the best sources of Vitamin C which is responsible to keep our immunity kicking !!
Grab some Amlas, oranges and berries and keep infections at bay… 🙂

8. Mushrooms

Mushrooms which are actually a form of fungus are considered very healthy. They happen to increase the production and enhance the function of White Blood cells.


Life style changes that help boost up the immune system

1.      Take enough sleep

Life style changes that help boost up the immune system 1.      Take enough sleep  Read more at: | Jayshree For you

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If you skip on ample sleep, you are more likely to contract an infection. This happens because of a shoot in levels of stress causing hormones in body. So, catch up on a undisturbed sleep of 7 to 9 hours.

2.      Being lethargic

All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy. An old saying we must have heard. Although, y might be surprised that it makes Jack fall sick more often too. Make it a part of your routine to exercise or probably, go for jog or a brisk walk for 30 to 40 minutes each day. Also, walk is an instant way to lift your spirits and instantly feel happy and all the more energetic. Try it put sometime.

3.      Improper diet

Consuming too much of carbohydrates weakens the immune system. Keep your diet helalthy by taking your dose of Vitamins, Zinc and Beta carotenes.

4.      Do not stress out

Do not keep your concerns to yourself. Share them with your spouse or parents to release stress. Practise Yoga, meditation and Pranayama. Slow down in life. There is no race to be one. You need to be happy and healthy more than you need to be successful and rich.

I am describing one or two quick Yoga asanas and pranayama styles that might be of great help to you for reducing fatigue, improving mental concentration and calm.

       I.            Butterfly pose or Badhakonasana

Butterfly pose or Badhakonasana

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This asana will help you improve flexibility in the hip, groin and the bowel region. This asana plays an important role in preventing and relieving fatigue as well.

II. Forward bend pose:

Forward bend pose Or paschimottanasana

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This helps to relax your back, neck, shoulder and even legs. To do this asana, you can get seated on a yoga mat or a clean firm surface by spreading the legs straight into front of you. Now start to fold the right knee, keeping heel of the right foot placed by touching the left, and inner thigh. now, start Bending forwards and downwards by trying to touch the  left foot with the help of forehead. Hold this position for 5 minutes. doing the asana can also be useful in mental concentration.

 III.            Bhramari Pranayama:

The word ‘‘Bhramari’’ is known as bee. Bhramari Pranayama is  the very popular best breathing yoga exercises that helps in releasing the mental tension and even de-stresses yourself.

you can sit cross-legged on your yoga mat with a erect body and pose. then, close both of the ears with the help of  thumbs. Put the lady fingers on the closed eyes very gently. Put the index fingers on the temples and press it very lightly. also, Place your ring fingers and even little fingers on your nose bridge. then, breathe by inhaling and exhaling and making a bee humming sound. keep repeating this for 25 times.

So, I hope all of you would include these in your diet and follow these easy tips to stay healthy… enjoy!! Have a great week ahead 🙂





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