Indian weight loss diet plans

indian diet planObesity is a popular problem among the people throughout the world. Correct Diet plan is a healthy option to reduce excess weight. Hence, you can choose from any of these simple diet chart mentioned below that is suitable for you. For a healthy weight loss, it is also essential to maintain your metabolic rate to get energy, maintain the shine of the hair and skin and prevent any medical problem.  Diet for weight loss must be according to your dislikes, culture, likes, schedule, and pattern that you are comfortable to accept and follow regularly in your daily lifestyle.

Indian food contains loads of vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and nutrients. But, at the same time they are also filled many fats. Thus, it is vital to consume a balanced diet that has food items of all the four food groups. Healthy lifestyle and diet is the best way to fight obesity and other health issues.

Here are the top weight loss diet plans:

1. Perfect diet chart for weight loss:

This is a 1,500-calorie eating diet plan that is specially designed to maintain trim and satisfied body.

  • Breakfast

2 egg omelette with some mushroom and onion, 1 multigrain toast with a low-fat cheese, 1 cup black coffee

  • Snack

1 cup of whipped fresh yoghurt with 1/2 cup fresh strawberries, 1/2 apple, 1 tsp flaxseed, 5 almonds and 4 walnuts

  • Lunch

Chicken salad with 3-4 Tbsp of olive oil, 1 cup greens (lettuce, spinach leaves), 1 multigrain toast.

  • Snack

1 cup of moong bean sprouts, 17 peanuts, pepper and lemon.

  • Dinner

1 Steamed fish fillets, grilled vegetables, 1 cup tomato soup.

Daily total adds to:

1,500 calories

2. Diet plan for 1250 – 1300 kcal weight loss diet

Diet plan A

Diet plan B

Early Morning

1 cup Tea with 1/2 tsp. sugar

Tea with 1/2 tsp. sugar


Oats – 3 tbsp.
Skim milk – 1 cup
Orange – 1

Skim milk – 1 cup
Whole wheat bread- 1
Egg -1
Mosambi- 1


Whole wheat chapathi – 2
Ladies finger sabji – 1 cup
Moong dal – 1cup
Butter milk- 1 glass

Rice – 1 cup
Tinda sabji – 1 cup
Fish curry – 1 piece – gravy
Butter milk- 1 glass

Mid evening

Tea with 1/2 tsp. sugar

Tea with 1/2 tsp. sugar


Tomato soup – 1 bowl
“Sprouts filled bhel”
Moth beans sprouts-1 cup
Raw vegetables- 1cup

Chicken clear soup- 1 bowl
Chapathi- 1
Brinjal sabji- 1 cup

Salad can have cucumber, tomato, radish, raw cabbage, carrot, and onion.

3. Sample menu for 1400- 1500 kcal weight loss diet

Diet plan A

Diet plan B

Early Morning Tea with 1/2 tsp. Sugar Tea with 1/2 tsp. Sugar
Breakfast Idli – 2
Sambhar- 1cup
Skim milk – 1 cup
Papaya – 1 bowl
Vegetable sandwich- 2 slices wheat bread
Skim milk- 1 cup
Lunch Lentil soup- 1 bowl
Chapathi – 2
Palak paneer- 1 cup
Mixed Vegetable Soup- 1 bowl
Rice – 1 1/2 cup
Chana – 1cup
Butter milk- 1 glass
Mid evening Tea with 1/2 tsp. Sugar
Mosambi – 1
Tea with 1/2 tsp. Sugar Water melon- 1 bowl
Dinner Chicken and vegetable – 1 piece chicken
and vegetables
Brown bread – 2
Chapathi – 2 nos
French beans sabji – 1 cup
Arhar dal – 1 cup
Apple – 1

4. Healthy weight loss diet plan for Punjabi:

Punjabi diet many consist of aloo parathas, chole – bhature, lassi, dal makhni and butter chicken that is calorie-filled. This diet plan is especially for Punjabis who want to lose weight without eating bland food.

  • You can start the day with 1 cup of green tea and 10 almonds.

Green tea – 2 Calories

Almonds – 78 Calories

  • Breakfast:

 Stuffed parantha (methi/palak/gobi/muli/ soya leaves) with chutney and curd.

Stuffed parantha – 80 Calories

Curd – 90 Calorie

Chutney – 10 Calorie

  • mid morning snack

a bowl of any seasonal fruits will give you 80-100 calories.

  • Lunch

2 rotis with one cup green leafy vegetable, but no dal makhni, a bowl of salad and a glass of salted lassi.

Roti – 85/170 calories

Green leafy vegetable – 100-150 calories

Other veggie – 200-250 calories

Salad – 20-30 calories

Lassi – 82 calories

  • Evening

  A cup of tea with two light digestive biscuits.

Tea – 80 calories

Biscuits – 44 calories

  • snack before dinner

Sprouts chaat, black channa chaat or mattar chaat

Chat – 50-60 calories

  • Dinner

 1 cup salad, 1 cup palak chicken curry/ chana dal palak/ soya vadi dal/ methi chicken/ gobi aloo/ cabbage/ shalgam matar with 2 rotis.

Salad – 30-40 calories

Veggie– 200-250 calories

Roti – 85/170 calories

This was a 1700 kcal diet plan chart that requires regular work for a weight loss.

5. Weight loss diet by expert dietician

  • Breakfast:
  1. Milk and cornflakes/ milk and poha/upma.
  2. Parathas without oil/ghee/butter.
  3. idlis, dosa, uttappa
  4. Egg omelette/ sandwiches.
  • Lunch:
  1. rotis/ bhakri with vegetables, salads dal/curd/ eggs, fish, chicken
  2. Some rice.
  • Snacks:
  1. dry fruits
  2. seasonal fruits
  3. roasted channa
  4. kurmuras.
  • Dinner:
  1. khicdhi,
  2. pulav,
  3. briyani.

Important things:

  1. Have regular small meals.
  2. void long gaps between the meals
  3. Don’t skip breakfast
  4. Do physical activity for 30minutes
  5. Eat 2 fruits and veggies for fibre to lose weight.
  6. Drink good amount of water.
  7. Avoid any junk foods, sweets, biscuits, bakery products.

6. Weight loss diet plan for brides-to-be


You obviously want to look your best on the very special wedding day that needs timely preparation. This simple meal plan is by the renowned Nutritionist Neha Chandna that can help you lose a few kilos in a very healthy way.

  • Early morning: green tea with any one fruit
  • Breakfast: 1 bowl oats porridge/ poha/ upma/ idli
  • Mid morning: 1 fruit , 5 almonds, walnuts
  • Lunch: salad with 2 rotis, 1 cup of brown rice + veggies + dal and curd
  • Evening: wheat bread sandwich/ bhel or sprouts
  • Dinner: soup with salad+ veggies/ chicken/ fish + 1 chapati
  • Bedtime: 1 cup of skimmed milk

This is a meal plan that you can follow 3 months prior your wedding date:

  • Early morning: green tea with 3 dates
  • Breakfast: oats upma or oats dosa
  • Mid morning: 1 fruit + 5 almonds/ walnuts
  • Lunch: salad + 1 rotis/ 1 cup of brown rice + veggies + 1 cup dal + curd
  • Evening: any 1 fruit
  • Dinner: soup with  salad+ veggies/ chicken/ fish
  • Bedtime: 1 cup of skimmed milk

Meal plan for 30 days before the wedding:

  • Early morning: green tea + 3 dates
  • Breakfast: fruits and nuts
  • Mid morning: 1 bowl of sprouts/ salad of pulses
  • Lunch: salad + veggies + dal + curd
  • Evening: clear soup
  • Dinner: salad/ veggies/ chicken/ fish
  • Bedtime: 1 cup of skimmed milk

7. Post Pregnancy Weight LossWEIGHT LOSS AFTER PREGNANCY

  • Breakfast –
  1. 2 idlis with ginger/ tomato chutney.
  2. 2 slices of multigrain bread and a banana.
  3. 1 bowl of muesli /oats + nuts and milk.
  4. 2 dosas/pesarettu + tomato / ginger chutney.
  • Mid-snack:

1 mug milk.

  • lunch

salad +2 rotis/1 cup rice+dal +curry

  • mid- snack:

3 almonds,

2 cashews,

2 dates,

4 pistachios,

2 walnuts



Or any seasonal fruit

  • Dinner
  1. 2 phulkas with salad+ curry.
  2. buttermilk


Some Rules of Indian Diet Chart that can help you in Weight loss:

1. Increase Fruits and Vegetables:

Consume good amount of fruits and vegetables every day. Fruits are best when taken in an empty stomach. Hence, you can eat a fruit for healthy diet. Avoid taking fruits immediately just after the meal.

2. Lower the intake of Stimulants:

Lower the intake of stimulants like caffeine, alcohol and refined sugar. This is hazardous when taken on an empty stomach. They can be consumed with meals.

3. Do not skip Breakfast:

Breakfast is the most vital meal of the day. it is advised to have breakfast that gives energy slowly. You can opt for a bowl of porridge or low fat yoghurt.

4. Drink loads of Water:

Water help in proper digestion and detoxifying harmful agent. Hence, drink at least 8 glasses of water each day. This also aid in healthy skin.

5. Keep smaller gaps between the Meals:

Don’t taking longer gaps between any 2 meals, as the food gets converted into fat. It is not advised to have a gap 3 hours in between the meals.

6. Do not starve:

Starving your body is not a healthy option and can have adverse effects. Hence, eat healthy to fulfill the nutritional needs.

7. Have your last meal early:

You must always eat the last meal at least 2hours before going to bed.

8. Restrict your Calorie Intake:

Take adequate caloric in any diet plan. Calorie filled foods such as fried food, sweets and pastries must be avoided.

9. Remove Fat from the Food:

All fat must be removed from the food before cooking. Processed meat such as sausages and burgers should not be eaten due to its high calories.

10. Eat Healthy Snacks:

Replace fried foods with some healthy snacks like fresh or dried fruits, low fat yoghurts, whole grain cereals or rice cakes.

Follow the above rules to achieve your weight loss goals. Do leave us a feedback below.

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