Best Long hair Tips

best long hair tips

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Long hair! I think long hair is the most favorite among every women or girl. Choices are endless but today the life is very busy and therefore all the women and girls have not so much time to take care of their hairs. So, that today in this article we are discussing on the long hair tips. By which you can complete your wish for long and healthy hair.

The hair plays an important role in the beauty of our appearances. It is not surprising that women need for long and healthy hair. The woman having has long, healthy and shiny hair becomes a point of attraction and also appreciated for her long hairs. If on the other end the women having dull and unhealthy hair, and then your image becomes shabby and careless. Therefore we are helping you in such a way that you can grow your hair long by following a few tips for healthy hair.

It is observed that there is an increase in hair growth by normal rate of one centimeter each month from its roots. The hair can be damaged by sun exposure, hair color treatment, dip in chlorine as well as salt water, persistent heat styling, and aggressive brushing. The long, thick which contains shine and touchable softness always becomes an inspiration for beauty and life. It is also a sign of good health. In India women love their hair and also there is a culture to maintain hairs long, shiny and healthy.


Best Long hair Tips:

Now, we are giving some helpful and beneficial suggestion to keep your hairs healthy as well as long. It is very noticeable to retain and improve the quality of hairs for growing longer.

1. Cut your hairs regularly:

It is very important to cut at least half inch every month because your hair grows faster and you do not cut the real length. The long hairs become curled and dry from the end part and therefore it looks colored and styled.

The split ends and cuts are responsible for preventing the growth of hair. Hence it is very essential to cut your hairs on regular basis within a month.


2. No need to wash regularly: 

Daily washing your hairs can become a reason for hair fall. If your roots get oily then use only a dry shampoo. Washing is nothing but a massage which increases blood flow to your roots and it is very useful for the hair growth. Hair becomes more breakable after rinsing because it absorbs about 45 percent of water which leads to increase in hair growth for about 2 % longer and 20 % broader. The hot water is responsible for opening the hair shaft and leads to frizz therefore it is better to avoid very hot water. To make hair soft as well as manageable use a conditioner and also the moisturizing shampoo.


3. Massage for healthier hair attention:

Hair massage is one of the easiest beauty tips for keeping hair long. Hair Massaging is a process by which there is an increase in blood flow to your scalp is observed which results to motivate the growth of your hair. It is advised that massage at least twice in a week for getting relaxed and give boost to the hair follicles.


4. Deep condition is necessary: 

best long hair tips

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Conditioning plays an important role to maintain healthy hairs. When you shampoo your hair the put a conditioning hair mask and after that cover your head with a warm towel for near about 10 minutes. Because of that the hair shaft is open and the whole moisturizing element sink in. Only use cool water for washing the hairs and also to seal your hair cuticles. Conditioning prevents dryness and also gives protection from grime and pollution.


5. Dry softly:

Drying the hair is very important to prevent the breakage. For drying only use a microfiber as well as super absorbent towel. There is no need to rub your hairs in back and forth motion with your regular bath towel. When your hairs are wet then it is more fragile hence use only wide tooth comb as well as treat with TLC.


6. Avoid tough tools when combing:

Only use a wide tooth unbroken combs to minimizes ripping and breaking during a combing session. One thing is also important that your fingers are the gentlest tools for our hairs. The extensively spread apart teeth on the comb is very useful to prevent breakage of hairs. If hair is wet then only use a wide toothed comb or particular detangling brush to moderately remove knots. Only select a proper comb to control the split ends as well as breakage.


7. Give it a lift:

Long hair is dense in nature and there is not any requirement of adding volumizer on the hairs. You have to massage your hairs after every shampoo with a very little amount of hair gel into the roots. After washing the hair becomes soft and moist therefore it is necessary to give some boost to hair without turning it brittle. Strong-hold fashioning products really balance down long hair.


8. Hair oiling is necessary:

best long hair tips

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Hair oiling is very traditional and compulsory treatment for long hairs. It provides nutrition to the hair roots because nutrition is vital for whatever that develops and in case of hairs also. The roots of your hair follicles always remain alive but your hair shaft is not alive always. By means of oiling or massaging your hair grow faster as well as longer due to the roots of hairs absorb strength and the nutrition.


9. Stretched hair style is good:

All of you knew that stretching is not good and here also it sounds different. There are many stretched hair styles such as braid-outs, twist-outs, and Bantu knot. These all styles are good because the kink and our coils and stretched and there becomes less chances to interact with each other to make tangles and knots that results into early rupture and trims. Also some bounded hair styles is more effective than others reliant on your hair thickness and quality.


10. Carefully handle the hot tools:

Heat-protective spray is very essential before using a blow dryer, flat iron or curling iron. Only apply the hot tools with lowest escape burning hair. Give preference to the styling goods that comprise of conditioning and support ingredients such as keratin, natural oils, and amino acids. Use a normal boar-bristle brush during styling.  Avoid hair accessories with metal clasps.


11. Avoid chemical for healthier hair care:

The hair caring as well as hair styling products contains harsh chemicals. Chemical burdened shampoos, styling products and conditioners have contrary effects on our hair in the long run. The continuous use of all this products is very bad for your health as well as on your hair also. Therefore use only more normal and herbal hair care styling products. Use slight shampoos and conditioners and also avoid chemical hair usages if probable.


12. Trimming is necessary:

The split ends if starts then they stops the hair growth and gives a bad effect to the hairs. If your hair is dry and brittle then you have to trim the hair each few weeks while improved hair needs trimming once a month. It is very essential to remove the split ends to prevent the uneven growth of hairs.


13. Proper diet is required:

best long hair tips

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Yes, a good and balanced diet plays a very essential role in the maintenance and growth of hairs. Mostly intake of proteins is necessary to increase the growth of hairs and give them a lustrous and stronger look. A balanced and nutritious diet also makes hair voluminous as well as bouncy. Coconuts and Cashew nuts are very good examples to increase hair growth. The vitamins are also responsible for new hair follicle formation as well as hair growth.

Fluids are very important to complete a Composed and balanced. Therefore adequate intake of water is most vital not only for your hair but also for the whole body.


14. Herbal medicines and cures:

Last but not least the herbal treatments are very operative in endorsing hair growth. Everyone spend a lot of money and energy on costly products that does not give any results. Hence, we are giving some herbal remedies which you can try in your home for long hairs;

  • Make a paste by adding some jaggery (gur), yoghurt, and fuller’s earth or multani mitti and then smear this paste on the scalp. Leave this for about an hour our or two and then bathe it off. Follow this for about twice a month and you will definitely see the result.
  • Add an egg with 3 teaspoons of castor oil and a tablespoon of vinegar. Blend them well. Apply and massage on the scalp and shower your hair later 40 minutes.
  • The coconut milk is also acts as a conditioner. You can use coconut milk and massage it mildly on to the scalp and after that cleanses your hair with cold water. Coconut milk is offers development and also recovers the surface and settings the hair.


So, these are some tricks and tips by which you can get a long and healthy hair. I hope you will find this article very useful and beneficial.


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