Healthy Anti Ageing Food And Tips

best anti ageing food

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Hi readers, in this write up today, I am going to talk about ageing. Ageing is a normal physiological process that is inevitable. Just like a machine, our bodies tend to wear out a little with time. While there is no stopping or reversing the processes of ageing, there definitely are ways that can help you avoid premature ageing and age in a healthy way.

We are what we eat, you know that right. We have a thumb rule when it comes to human body, treat your body right and it pays back. If you keep fuelling your life engine with junk food then it is not done. I have compiled q list of healthy foods that must be consciously chosen over the fast foods. These foods would sure keep you healthy and make sure that you age right.

1. Berries:
All kinds of berries including strawberries, raspberries, blueberry, Indian blackberry or a Jamuns are packed with antioxidants. Anti oxidants have a very crucial role in the entire anti ageing scenario. During various metabolic processes of the body, a lot of free radicals are produced. These free radicals produce damage at cellular level and lead to wear and tear of body. Anti oxidants destroy these free radicals and prevent damage

2.Citrus foods:
Amla, Oranges and lemons are rich sources of vitamin C or Ascorbic acid that helps in synthesis of collagen. Collagen is a fibre that acts like a glue to hold the skin cells together and keep the skin plump and elastic.

3. Green leafy vegetables:
These are good sources of vitamin A that helps keep a healthy eye sight and skin.  Green veggies contain minerals like zinc that helps in clearing out damaged collagen and paves way for formation of new collagen fibres. Again, these are good source of anti oxidants.

4. Whole grains:
These contain a lot of fibre that is filling to the stomach and does not add on calories to your food. Also, fibre helps maintain a healthy gut. Whole grains contain polyphenols that again have anti oxidant properties and hence the anti ageing effect.

5. Herbs and spices:

best anti ageing foods

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Like Rosemary, cumin thyme. Oregano and peppermint also are sources of polyphenols and even have mild anti cancer properties as they cut down the formation of heterocyclic amines.
Cinnamon is said to decrease the symptoms of diabetes and reducing the risk of heart attacks by maintaining a healthy blood circulation. Turmeric improves general healing and repairing ability of body and also cuts down the risk of cancer.

6. Papaya:

Papaya is a rich in Vitamin A that helps to maintain a healthy epithelium surfaces and skin.
It contains the enzyme Papain and is packed with alpha hydroxy acid (AHAs) that naturally that helps in exfoliating dead skin cells along and rejuvenating skin to decrease signs of ageing.

Lifestyle changes:

1. Take a walk for 30 to 40 minutes every day.

2. Practice pranayama. Deep diaphragmatic breathing is said to slow down ageing.

I will describe two simple Pranayamas for you:

The Long Exhale Technique

This breathing technique involves gradually increase the exhalation till it is twice as the length of the inhalation.-This breathing technique can be useful to combat many problems such as insomnia, migraine, sleep disturbance, and even anxiety.

This involves lying on the back with the knees bent and feet lying flat over the floor. Then, you can rest your palm on the abdomen and do a few practice for normal breathing, Try to feel your abdomen expansion on the inhalation and slowly contract over the exhalation. Try to see the length of every inhalation and even exhalation. Now, you can eventually and very gradually increase your length of exhalation, second by second, till it’s the double of inhalation.


anti ageing yoga

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“Kapal” meaning forehead and even “bhati” means shining. This Yogic breathing technique is also called as Breath of fire. this provides the practitioner with various benefits like cleansing of airways, improves muscle tone, weight loss, relaxation. This is actually hard abdominal breathing technique.

It involves you to sit cross-legged on your yoga mat while with a straight back and neck with chin up posture. Then, you can keep the hands on your knees. Your abdomen muscle must be very relaxed. The breathing is done in parts normally and breathing out part is done in forceful. With every exhalation, the abdominal muscles gets contracted. Practice this yoga breathing style for at least 30 times if the practitioner is a beginner.

This yoga must not be done if in period, high blood pressure or even heart disease.
3. Practice yoga. One simple asana that is said to help to slow down ageing is described below.

Viprita Karini asana

This is similar to savasana except that the legs have to be rested against a vertical platform like a wall. This asana is very soothing, calming and relaxing for the body.  The best posture to overcome from varicose veins as it helps in drainage of the impure blood from the legs. Helpful for memory and concentration, anti ageing and Increases the efficiency of endocrine system.

4. Take a good night sleep for 7 to 9 hours at a stretch. While we sleep, our body mode switches- from defensive to reparative and constructive. Functions like reforming the broken collagen and elastin fibres, cell renewal are heightened.
5. For a healthy skin, make it a habit to keep it essentially makeup free at night and include night creams in your skin care regimen.

6. Early morning splash some cold water on your face. As later, when temperature falls to normal, it causes a gush of blood to your skin and flushes out all the toxins.

7. Indulge in face and body massage once a month at least. It promotes lymphatic drainage that flushes out the accumulated toxins. Also, it improves circulation that leads to better oxygen blow to muscles. It stimulates cell regeneration and renewal that leads to delay in appearance of fine lines and shrivels on skin.

8. Cut down on dehydrating drinks like coffee and Colas. Choose fruit juices, buttermilk and coconut water to quench your thirst instead.

anti ageing water

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9. Maintain an ideal body weight.

Last, but not the least stays happy J



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