20 Effective Home Remedies for Hiccups

remedies to cure hiccups

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We all tend to get hiccups at least at some point in our routine life. Some, even experience as a daily problem! Therefore, we have listed today few very effective quick and simple home remedies that will work best for you.

How Hiccups originated:

Sudden, instinctive contraction or even spasm of your diaphragm can led to hiccups. A disturbance to the Vagus nerve can triggers such jerks. Contraction to the diaphragm muscles in the abdomen triggers hiccups. This continues till your muscles are totally calmed. Hiccups are generally caused due to digestive disturbances.


Best Home Remedies To Cure Hiccups:

1. Honey:

To reduce continuous hiccups, swallow a tablespoon that is full of honey to ease this sensation. This can also be mixed with the lukewarm honey that can provide relief from the hiccups.


2. Cardamom Powder:

Powder few cardamoms to get instant relief from hiccups. Boil 1 tablespoon of fresh cardamom powder in 1 1/2 cups water over medium heat. Let the liquid cool and then strain this.  Drink this concoction to get many benefits to relax your muscles of the diaphragm. This is a proven remedy that can cure hiccups.


3. Yogurt:

Add one tsp of salt to 1 cup of yogurt and mix this thoroughly to prepare homogeneous mixture. Consume this yogurt very slowly. consuming a few spoons of the mixture can give you quick relief from the hiccups.


4. Ice:

Cold water blows the digestive tract and cures hiccups instantly. Add some ice cubes to a glass of water to drink this. You can also wrap some cubes of ice in a cloth and apply this on the back of your neck.


5. Sugar:

Sugar is an orthodox home remedy to cure hiccups. Eat a tsp of sugar if you have constant hiccups. Keep the sugar in your mouth and hold for about 30 seconds till it melts, then chew, and swallow this. This gives more sweetness in the mouth, which is effective to cure hiccups.


6. Chamomile Tea:

hiccups cure at home

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Brew and drink a cup of chamomile tea, which acts as a remedy for hiccups. Chamomile acts a natural muscle relaxant to calm your muscles in your diaphragm to get relief and control hiccups.


7. Lemon:

Yes, you heard it right! Lemons do work to cure hiccups? The sour lemon taste is useful when you soak this in the mouth. This even excites the nerves with the sharp taste by controlling the hiccups.


8. Water:

This is very simple home therapy to control hiccups. You can drink a glass of water very slowly to let your mechanism relax the muscles of your diaphragm and give relief from hiccups. Gulp 3-4 glasses of cold water to cure hiccups.


9. Ginger:

Ginger is a best proven home remedy for many digestive disorders. This can control nausea; ginger also works best to treat continuous hiccups by giving instant relief. now, Peel and you can cut a few section of ginger to chew this. You can also take ginger candy or even drink lemon juice adding some ginger drops mixed in it. This is instant and effective home remedy for hiccups.


10. Asafoetida:

Another home medicine, asafoetida is a best agent to relax the muscles of your diaphragm. Mix a tsp of asafoetida powder in some clarified butter and swallow them. It is very instant way to get relief from hiccups.


11. Peanut Butter:

You can consume some peanut butter to stop you hiccups. This also acts as a good home remedy to cure hiccups.


12. Mustard Seeds:

Mix 1 tsp of mustard seeds with 1 tsp of ghee. Swallow this to feel some reduction in the hiccups.


13. Cider Vinegar:

You can take 1 tsp of cider vinegar to get instant relief from hiccups.


14. Ice Cream:

ways to cure hiccups

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Even a scoop of ice cream can help to treat hiccups. Consume a chilled ice cream by steadily swallowing it. This helps to calm your diaphragm and treat hiccups.


15. Hot Sauce.

This home remedy words the best as the heat and burn gets distracts. This also turns the body’s focus on the burns and heat to add some relief to the hiccup.


16. Chocolate:

I know this sound to be the best remedy for hiccups!!  Commune few powdered chocolate by swallowing it. This may not be easy, but for sure a good cure for the hiccups.


17. Brown Bag:

Start breathing slowly and gently into a paper bag. This can be useful to increases the level of carbon dioxide into your blood by making the diaphragm contract even more deeply and get some oxygen. Thus, it can be useful to stop the spasms.


18. Dill:

This can be a really good tasting remedy to cure hiccups. Gently chew 1 tsp dill seeds. This is an orthodox remedy for hiccups, as it helps to stimulate your vagus nerve to stop hiccups.


19. Paper Towel:

Take a sheet of paper towel and put this over the glass top. Drink from the towel by pulling it harder with the help of diaphragm to suck the water.


20. Sticking The Tongue Out:

You can also stick the tongue; remember to do this only till you are comfortable. This helps to open the throat and stops the diaphragm from further spasming.


Precautions to take in hiccups:

  • Avoid aerated drinks like plain soda, as it can cause belching.
  • Stop eating, if you hiccup during a meal.
  • Eat small portions to prevent hiccups.


Was this article helpful? Use these remedies for the better health because health is wealth!

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