Best Black Tea and Its Benefits

best black tea

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Do you like black tea? If yes, then you must know about the different types of Black tea and its impact on our health. Most of us drink this for taste, but are not aware of its benefits. Whatsoever your tea drinking style is, either in morning or at night, a good black tea will be both strong and charming at the same time.

The leaves of a bush called camellia sinensis is used to make black tea or oxidized tea. The process in which the green leaves turns into a dark brownish-black color is called as oxidation. Also the leaves are exposed to humid, oxygen-rich air.




Top 6 Best Black Tea And Their Brands:

There are many types of black tea which are easily available, at any place in the world. Best of them are given below:

1. Darjeeling Black Tea:

The black tea which is produced Darjeeling is commonly identified as the “Champagne of Tea”. It is also recognized as the world’s best black tea. The taste of Darjeeling black tea is very fruity, light, floral, and delicate. These are best drunk without adding sugar or milk.

Best Brands Of Darjeeling Black Tea:

I.            Golden Tips Darjeeling Tea Caddy: this is hand-picked black tea from the popular location of Darjeeling. This is made from the finest tea leaves obtained from the well known foothills of the Himalayas. This is amber in colour with mild flowery aroma & a very smooth flavour and fruity aroma. This is also called as “the Champagne of Teas. You can even add sugar or honey to make it sweet.

II.            Tazo Teas, Organic Darjeeling: this is USDA and QAI certifies. This black tea has floral flavour to enchant your senses.


2. Assam Black Tea:

Assam black tea is likely to be malty, brisk and bold. Mostly the Assam black tea is used as the base for Irish Breakfast Tea, English Breakfast Tea and, other black tea mixtures. Only there is need to mix a small amount of sugar and a splash of milk to pure Assam-based tea blends and Assamese teas.

Best Brands Of Assam Black Tea:

I.            Assam Loyd Tea: this is a best blend of black teas from the popular Indian province of Assam. This contains high amount of tannin that adds a tart taste after. This black tea is very strong and has best aroma.

II.            Numi Golden Chai™ Spiced Assam Black Tea: Numi Teas have excellent flavour and aroma. They are nicely textured with spices that makes it smooth and of best quality. Even without any milk or sweetener, this tastes perfect .


3. Nilgiri Black Tea:

Nilgiri is a floral, fragrant and delicate black tea, which is found in mountains of south India. Nilgiri black teas are excellent when aided iced with a little sugar or a wedge of lemon and honey.

Best Brands Of Nilgiri Black Tea:

I.            Golden Tips Nilgiri Tea Caddy: These are grown on high of the Nilgiris located in the southern part of India. The tea tastes light & very crispy. It is available in 100 gm pack.

II.            Stash Teas Of India Nilgiri Black Tea: this has Robust but a very smooth flavour. You can consume this black or even with milk and sugar. This Contains Caffeine and is Gluten-free.


4. Keemun Black Tea:

Keemun is measured by most to be the premium of all Chinese black teas. Keemun black tea is originated from the Anhui Province of eastern China. High quality Keemun teas are an especially favorite, known for their distinguishing aromas and tastes, which are frequently described as flat, winey, fruity, and piney.

Best Brands Of  Keemun Black Tea::

I.            Twinings Keemun Black Tea: this was known as the ‘the king of black teas’, as it has very different, soft and nutty flavour with distinct aroma.

II.            Just A Leaf Organic Tea, Noble Keemun Black Tea: this is USDA certified to be 100% Organic. It contains Hints of Rose and can make 40 Cups of tea. This brand provides all premium and 100% organic teas at the best affordable prices. This black tea also Contains caffeine.


5. Yunnan Black Tea:

Yunnan black tea originates from Yunnan .This is a Chinese black tea having slightly peppery taste. Some black tea is partially fermented and the flavors are of different types like dark, malty, chocolaty, and nuanced. It is also known as “hong cha” or red tea.

Best Brands Of Yunnan Black Tea:

I.            Rishi Golden Yunnan Black Tea: this comes in a loose leaf form. This black tea from Rishi’s brand is certified organic. This is oxidized and graded properly to give the best taste.

II.            Triple Leaf Tea Cholesterid, Yunnan Tuocha Tea: this Yunnan Tuocha Tea is useful to keep the cholesterol levels at normal. It contains 20 Tea Bags and has Chinese Black Tea flavour.


6. Lapsang Souchong:

This is also comes from china. Some people find this delicious because it has a strong smoky flavour. Lapsang Souchong tends to demand to people who like bold flavors like smoked meats, bittersweet chocolates roast coffees. It is normally drunk hot, with or without a little sugar and lemon.

Best Brands Of Lapsang Souchong Tea:

I.            Twinings Lapsang Souchong Tea: this has a very different smoky flavour and is dark rich in colour. You can take this with or even without milk.

II.            Pine Smoked Lapsang Souchong Tea: this is a Chinese black tea which is very gently cold smoked.  This has awesome aromatic with woody smoke. You can consume this as black or even   add milk and sugar. This is from the well known brand Xanadu.


Health Benefits Of Black Tea:

health benefits of black tea

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The black tea is very essential part of your diet as it contains numerous health benefits. The black tea contains caffeine and antioxidants that is useful for following body organs:
• Cancer: As black tea includes antioxidants such as polyphenol and TF-2 which is responsible in the prevention of certain cancers like lung, ovarian, mouth, stomach, prostate, bladder cancer etc.

• Heart: Flavonoids and manganese which are present in black tea prevents the oxidation of LDL cholesterol and decreases heart disease.

• Immune system: Black tea involves ‘tannins’ that have the tendency to combat with the viruses like hepatitis, influenza, dysentery, cold and flu.

• Brain and Nervous system: The caffeine present in the black tea promotes the blood circulation in brain and improves concentration and mental alertness. It also prevents you from Parkinson’s disease.

•Black tea also helpful in elimination of free radicals from the body, good for the digestive system, making your healthy bone and connective tissue, lowering the cholesterol, improving skin health and reducing weight loss.

So, drink black tea on regular basis to get such benefits and I hope you will find this article valuable and informative.


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